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PayPal login | Log in to your PayPal account - weway29689 - 05-01-2023

Life has become much simpler with the birth of digitalization. People can now complete any action without stepping out of their homes, whether it is sending or receiving money, engaging in trade, and so on. And, to help people in making online transactions without facing hurdles, several financial companies supporting the basic operations have been launched. One of the highly reputed and well-performing bodies belonging to this industry is PayPal.
There are a lot of actions that you can perform with the PayPal login. People hold a misbelieve that the activities relating to it is only limited to sending and receiving payments but it is not so. To break down this misconception among the people, we have come forward with something new.
If you are eager to check out what’s that, walk through the entire content with us and grab something new and different from the basic operations.

How to pay money requests with the PayPal sign in?

Received a payment request on your PayPal account, and you don’t have an idea of what to do?
No worries, with the information provided in this part of the read, you will become quite familiar with the complete process of how to respond to money requests or invoices. There are two ways through which you can respond to the payment request received by you and they are:

If you are having a PayPal account
In case, you are not having a PayPal account

Case 1:Responding to Payment requests or invoices through a PayPal account
We will first look into the detailed steps assuming that you are holding a PayPal account. The series of steps to be performed here are:
Reach the platform’s dashboard after completing the paypal login steps
From the dashboard, discover the request received by you
Hit on “Pay Amount”
Choose one of the payment methods that are suitable for you
Tap on “Pay Now”
Done. With these series of simple steps, you will be able to pay the requested money or invoices. But, hold on, there are certain things that one should be cautious of. Let’s have a glance at them to wipe out the chances of the happening of any malicious activity.

Things you should be cautious of
Don’t pay to the money requests or invoices you are unfamiliar with
If the payment request or invoice carries a contact number, avoid dialing it
If the received payment request or invoice contains any suspected link, evade opening it
If received any unwarranted invoices or payment requests, report the same by performing PayPal sign in steps via the website or the app

Case 2: Responding to Payment requests or invoices without a PayPal account
The actions to be executed in this case are:
Get into your email “Inbox” section to find the payment request
Tap on “View and Pay Invoice”> “Pay Amount”
Click on “Pay with Debit card/Credit card”
Provide all the asked details accurately
Lastly, bang on “Pay Now”

Final Take
In a nutshell, by walking through the complete read, you might have drawn a complete understanding of how to respond in both cases i.e.; when having a PayPal account and in the absence of the same. Make sure that all the information relating to the PayPal login remains confidential. Hitting on any suspected link or dialing a phone number carried by the payment request might bring adverse results. Thus, it is always advised to ignore such suspected links/ phone numbers.

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