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The List of Incubators in Paris - shuklarani88 - 09-22-2022

For the quick definition of incubator: support structure intended for project leaders and / or entrepreneurs. For this, it will provide them with a set of services. These may vary depending on the incubator but overall, we can find the following services: Trainings Advice Network Mentoring Coworking space Be careful not to confuse it with an incubator or even a startup accelerator. The type of accompaniment offered and, above all, the selection is not the same. The first will support the project leader more upstream, while the second, the business accelerator, will essentially offer support for the company already launched and enjoying good growth. If you want to see more clearly about the different support structures for entrepreneurs, it's here: “The differences between an incubator, a nursery & an incubator.

 In addition in a more informal way, joining an incubator also means gaining visibility, the possibility of being put in touch with investors (if you want to know all the list of possible financing, it is in this article: “The list of investors in Europe and France), to benefit from an extensive network. The price to integrate an incubator varies. Some will ask for a percentage Whatsapp Number List of the capital. Usually between 5 and 20%. When others will offer an annual or monthly flat rate. What are the best incubators? This is both a good and a complicated question to answer. Already, it depends on what exactly you expect. In absolute terms, no one other than yourself can teach you the reality of entrepreneurship. To be distinguished from technical subjects. 

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For example it would be quite easy to explain to you in a precise and complete way how to set up a website, create a logo, etc. so many people can make you a good entrepreneur. It's a question of state of mind. On the other hand, the good incubator is the one where you will feel your wings growing. The one where you have the feeling of learning things and evolving in a fulfilling and benevolent universe. So the best advice I can give you is to go and question the "incubates" at length. To go and take advantage of the open doors. To abuse even webinars which can be organized by many incubators. Even if I'm not incubated with them, I'm still going to give you my preference based.

RE: The List of Incubators in Paris - paxtonleiny - 06-17-2023

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RE: The List of Incubators in Paris - lacechief - 07-17-2023

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