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Coinbase Pro | Digital Asset Exchange - weway29689 - 04-05-2023

Coinbase Pro is an advanced feature of Coinbase which is also available as Advance Trade nowadays. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of experienced traders as it has modern tools to trade cryptocurrencies and facilitates traders with top-notch functionalities to step up their game.
Well! If you are a Coinbase Pro user, you must have familiar with its high-end security facets, but we can’t avoid the rising cyber thefts and hacking tricks. Now, the question is— how can you prevent your Coinbase Pro accounts from these hackers? 
There is nothing wrong if we say, any data which is available on the digital platform is not safe at all. But by providing high-end security we can try to safeguard. Coinbase Pro is providing excellent security to your account but you can also share the responsibility for your Coinbase Pro account’s security.
There are three ways to provide an extra layer of security to your Coinbase account. 

  • Using the web or mobile app

  • Via Coinbase phone service

  • With the help of Coinbase customer support
I have driven the way to provide a shield to your Coinbase Pro login account by locking it temporarily. We have covered every possible way to do the same, you can go for your preferred method. Hopefully, after going through this blog post, you will be able to lock your account temporarily.

RE: Coinbase Pro | Digital Asset Exchange - kroppa - 04-07-2023

An eth bot is a software program that connects to one exchange and automatically sells or buys ETH, according to the instructions you have set beforehand. This can help you save time and avoid emotions, especially if you use a trading strategy that requires high risk management.