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Do you like books Follow these accounts on Instagram! - seoexprat2022 - 11-16-2022

Social networks are by nature a space for sharing. There's room for the pages of his favorite book, the last movie he saw and even the last concert he attended. Instragram could not be an exception and it is thanks to it that the interests of many users reach us. Every day the famous Instragramers share a series of images and one thing could not be missing. What? Books, of course. If you are one of those people who likes to be aware of everything that goes on in the world of literature and know as many works as possible, then we have a list of 10 Instagram accounts for you that you will certainly enjoy following. 

Each of them presents a different view of the books showing photographs that in one. Way or another are inspired by the literary universe. Some work as a complement to websites and blogs; others are just individual projects by people who, like Buy Email Database you, also like books. But, even before following the accounts we suggest below, don't forget to check out the Mundo de Livros Instagram account that you can follow at10 Profiles to follow on Instagram Blue Eyed Biblio blue-eyed-biblio-world-of-books Emily is 18 years old, lives in the United States and, of course, has blue eyes. Despite her age, her passion for books is old. 

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On her Instagram account she has the habit of sharing the books she and all you. Have to do is enter to realize that these are not few. Along with the images, she also leaves her opinion and, whoever wants, can visit her YouTube channel with reviews turned into video. In all, this project by Emily has already gained more than 110,000 followers on Instagram and more than 4,000 on YouTube. Dog Book Club dog-book-club-world-of-books We often find photographs of people reading with the book cover prominently displayed. Using these photographs as inspiration, the Dog Book Club was born, an Instragam profile that asks: what if these people were dogs.