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Mobile Marketing to Make Apps Profitable - sanjida46 - 11-16-2022

At least what the study carried out by the marketing company Factoria Interactiva shows. Thus, it is evident that smartphones have become an important communication tool. This must be taken into account by companies  in the development of their marketing strategy. Mobile marketing should be part of every business's  strategy to reach more customers and build a strong brand image. NEED MARKETING SUPPORT? FIND YOUR TEAM Without mobile marketing, brands would turn their backs on a large  number of users . In fact, according to a study by the Mobile Marketing Association , in 2012 companies invested more than 90 million euros in the development of mobile marketing strategies. 

A growth of 45% compared to 2012. And in France, the MMA foresees an increase of 65% for 2013, with an investment of 152 million euros. graphic figures mobile games Revenue generated by IN-APP advertising Nearly 62 million euros have been invested in mobile internet marketing Fax List campaigns. Mobile  applications remain the second favorite option, even if they have decreased by 10% compared to 2011 – they have gone from 26% to 16%. Still according to the MMA, the mobile internet will continue to be the reference. Investment in display (navigation in browsers and applications) will increase by 23.7%. Mobile applications will also go up, and it is likely that during this year, they will increase by 17.5% in investment. 

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But the information that attracts the most attention is that proximity mobile marketing could become the second group, which will experience an increase of almost 20%. This figure is especially relevant if we take into account that the investment of 2012 which did not exceed 1%, after having fallen by 10% during the last three years. It would seem that the popularization of mobile geolocation applications such as Foursquare or Banjo, the increase in the use of GPS in mobile devices and the support that NFC technology has received from major manufacturers are factors that may drive the recovery. in this channel.