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The market is hesitating to move into - shihab702 - 11-15-2022

The executives' estimates for the course of the market in the 3rd quarter of 2018 appear cautious, although they remain in a positive sign. The restrained optimism recorded in the second quarter of the year, signaling - subject to conditions - the passage of the market from the phase of correction to the phase of real growth, is confirmed but partially, writes Mrs. Katerina Polymeridou in her article. The above are some of the findings of the 8th wave (3rd quarter 2018) of the Forecomm_s survey carried out by EDEE in collaboration with the research company Abacus Research.

Which records the opinions of executives from the point of view of advertisers and agencies on the course of the market but and their businesses. ASSESSMENT OF COMPANIES AND INDUSTRIES For the 5th consecutive quarter, advertisers' executives Country Email List positively assess the course and prospects of their business, as well as the course of the industry in which it operates. According to the research, the positive climate of restrained optimism of the previous period seems to be softening, as the above estimates move in percentages of +29 (mildly positive) and +15 (cautiously positive) respectively. 

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From the agencies point of view, the assessments remain on positive ground, both in terms of the course of their business, and in relation to the course of the industry in general. This double positive assessment remains stable for the third consecutive 6 months, while the decline in the positive assessment for the course of their business should be considered, according to the researchers, as a sign of uncertainty. BRAKE ON PRICE RECOVERY EXPECTATIONS Advertisers estimate that demand for their products is growing and will continue to grow (+36), while timid expectations of a price recovery in Q2 2018 (+8) appear to be holding back in Q3 3 months.