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LogiTravel is made of trips and international successes - labonytamanna - 11-14-2022

With the development of the Internet many companies were forced to modernize their services and direct efforts to reach the public dispersed throughout the online world. In this context, travel agencies that operated in the traditional way also identified an opportunity. After all, here or in China, who doesn't like to travel ? In this post we talk about LogiTravel , an excellent example of how travel agencies can use the Internet to their advantage. LogiTravel was created  in 2004 on the island of Mallorca . Since then, it has been growing exponentially, conquering several markets.

After Spain the company expanded to countries such as Portugal Brazil Germany Italy, United Kingdom and Mexico. Recently, LogiTravel  has been trying to cement its C Level Executive List position in the American market by betting on new countries, such as the United States or Colombia. The solid position and the continuous work have ensured the leadership in the area of cruise and vacation package sales . And those responsible for LogiTravel  are in no doubt about one thing: success owes much to the Internet. In the last year alone, the group registered a growth of 25%, cementing the place as the tourist company in Spain with the greatest international expansion. 

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That said we can safely say that in addition to serving as a bridge for travelers, LogiTravel  is a platform that is truly of the world . The proof is in the more than 6.5 million individual users spread across 2 continents and in the various agencies that use LogiTravel  's travel tool to offer quality services to their customers. Incidentally, it is very likely that the last time you contacted your local travel agency, you used LogiTravel 's TravelTool  without even knowing it.