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Digital Marketing in the 21st Century Chapter 4 - tamannabd - 09-25-2022

In our series of articles on marketing we could not highlight the digital environment. Surely you already know him and have probably already done some digital mkt actions. It has been the target of bigger investments every day due to its special features that make it accessible to any company, with an above average ROI. However, this discipline has changed radically in recent years, and a new concept that is the face of the 21st century has revolutionized digital marketing: inbound marketing. But we will explain it well in this post. Keep following! CONTENT INDEX Chapter 4 Digital Mkt in the 21st Century What is Inbound Marketing? And how to do digital mkt using Inbound Marketing.

Inbound advantages for digital mkt Chapter 4 Digital Mkt in the 21st Century Mkt Digital Before talking about digital marketing, we need to talk about the new “digital” Country Email List consumer. Obviously consumers will always be flesh and blood. I mean the way we've been buying and relating to post-Internet brands. Yes, the Internet is already a very old thing! It is here, in this new digital scenario, that Inbound Marketing comes into play . What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is a way of thinking and doing marketing taking into account the present day, the possibilities that the internet offers us, and the increasing demand of consumers. 

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Inbound Marketing is the use of the internet and its resources to sell your product or service in a way that pleases or adds something to your target audience, making it more attractive to the consumer. Inbound Marketing is marketing that people love. Promising, isn't it? While traditional marketing is market-centric, Inbound Marketing is consumer-centric. This means that the entire process is done with your customer in mind, not the market you are in. To do this, the Attraction Methodology was created, which consists of four steps: attract; convert; approach; please _ This methodology makes it possible to take your consumer by the hand and take him from a complete Stranger to your brand, make him a Visitor, then a Lead (follower), then a Customer, until he becomes a Promoter of your business.