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Ending Seo Content Cannibalization Has Increased Traffic by 110% Says Keyword Insight - shatikhatun967 - 09-20-2022

If you are a Digital Marketing professional or produce content for the internet, you have certainly heard of Keyword Insights , a tool developed with the aim of helping companies and web content producers to optimize their SEO strategies and achieve better organic results in search engines . of research. Daily, many professionals use the tool to create online content and perform keyword research identifying content that can be made based on keyword clusters . However, in a recent attempt, Keyword used keyword clusters to identify content to be eliminated the opposite of how they do this strategy — and they obtained fantastic results : a 110% increase in organic traffic due to reduced content cannibalization.

First of all what is content cannibalization? Content cannibalization happens when you have multiple pages targeting the same or similar keywords, causing these content to compete with each other for Google ranking and, consequently, harming your site's organic performance. Let's assume you have two posts on Whatsapp Mobile Number List same topic, LinkedIn algorithm , for example. In this case, Google cannot identify which of the articles should rank highest for a specific query. As a result, both posts will likely rank low, meaning you won't be able to consistently rank well for one or the other. One more of the problems generated by cannibalization is that, depending on the site and how the pages are being structured, larger sites can unnecessarily inflate their amount of pages and reduce the crawling efficiency/crawl budget. 

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And it is at this point that Keyword was able to capitalize and reduce a website's URL count by around 15 million, increasing organic traffic by 110%. The case of a US property website… The client that made Keyword achieve these results was a large real estate website in the US. The types of queries they wanted to sort were like: California homes for sale 2 bedroom homes for sale in Florida Log cabins for sale in Boulder Colonial homes for sale in Orange country After trying to diagnose the issues by crawling the site, the Keyword team came to the conclusion that this company created a “property type” for each keyword in their keyword research , which meant they had over 400 types.