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Infographic Trends and New Technologies for Your Provider's Success - jeonkok - 09-10-2022

The emergence of new technologies that directly affect the performance of internet providers is faster every day. Have you ever noticed how, a few years ago, people's current relationship with their smartphones, for example, was unthinkable? It is present in several daily activities, whether for communication, work, entertainment, location, consumption, among other everyday tasks. Every day it is possible to find news on the market and the feeling is that we are always out of date when it comes to technology, isn't it? This means that providing internet is something with increasing importance, whose market requires being on top of new technologies to offer a valuable service. 

After all  not offering the latest on the market to your customers is the same as preparing for the company to have its days numbered, no exaggeration! That's why, if you want to ensure the success of your business, you need to keep an eye on trends for ISPs. What are the main trends and technologies for ISPs? With all this in mind, we have created an infographic for you to keep up to date on the main trends and discover the new Argentina Phone Number that are worth keeping an eye on to differentiate yourself in the market and, of course, keep customers loyal to your internet provider and away from you. of competition. In this infographic, learn more about: Wi-Fi 6 5G Servitization Internet of Things (IoT) immersive technologies Artificial Intelligence (AI) Do you know these new technologies? Do you know how they can influence your business.

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Don't think that the fact that they are trends, they may be far from being part of everyday life! Most of them are already there knocking on the door. If you don't catch up, in the blink of an eye, you'll be falling behind. So find out all in this infographic. Just download, for free, and stay inside. On February 13th and 14th, the Apronet Congress of Providers took place, the largest event of regional providers in the South of Brazil. CAP 2020 was held in Florianópolis - SC and had more than 70 exhibitors, simultaneous lectures and a trade fair. We were present with a stand of specialists in Products, Tests, Technical Visits, Innovation and Commercial. Team Cianet in front of the booth. Photography: Beatriz Cascaes. Team Cyan. Photography: Marcella Machado. Ricardo and Andressa, collaborators Cianet, with Emiliano Reyes, CEO of Flin Photography Beatriz Cascaes.