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Addition To Ensuring Sales For Mobile Number List - gaybeeadd - 06-19-2022

In addition, 51% are afraid of making a mistake when choosing their purchase, 32% do not know how to Mobile number list pay in cash and 24% do not understand how to buy. It is a positive shopping experience Despite previous insecurities, there has been an increase in confidence in online stores and the Internet sales process. About 7 out of 10 Mexican consumers feel safe and say they have a positive experience that motivates them to buy again. It should be noted that the study indicates that the Mexican Mobile number list buyer is truly omnichannel, since 9 out of 10 buy after interacting between the physical and digital channels, before or during the purchase. 

For example, they would research Mobile number list the product online before buying it in a physical store; they would visit the physical store to meet him and then buy online; others would choose to research online, check it out in the physical store, and then buy online. It is a service with minimal delivery errors In addition, there are people who would only look for prices and buy online, and others would compare prices online while in the physical store. Likewise, the delivery experience continues to improve, Mobile number list since only 2 out of 10 Mexican buyers indicate that they have made a return in the last year, either due to damage or breakdown. Purchase satisfaction is also on the rise, as 8 out of 10 claim to have had a pleasant experience.

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In this sense, the buyer not only values receiving their order in perfect conditions (53%), but 18% also Mobile number list give importance to meeting the indicated delivery times, 15% that the product has a guarantee, 12% that know where your purchase is through a tracking number, and for 1% it is important that the return process is simple and agile. What is the importance of electronic commerce for my company? Electronic commerce is practically no longer an option, but a necessity for many companies. Mobile number list